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Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease) Article - PSBB in The Order of Acceleration of Handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Based on Government Regulation Number 21 of 2020

The spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) with the number of cases and/or the number of deaths has increased and spread across regions and across countries. This distribution has an impact both on the political, economic, social, cultural, defense and security aspects, as well as the welfare of the people in Indonesia. With the impact that has been caused, which resulted in certain circumstances so it is necessary to make countermeasures, one of which is by large-scale social limitations. Therefore, the government determines the Government Regulation Number 21 of 2020 concerning Large-Scale Social Limitations in the framework of Accelerating the Handling of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (hereinafter referred to as "PP No. 21/2020").


In PP No. 21/2020 defines Large-Scale Social Limitations (hereinafter referred to as "PSBB") as limitations on certain activities of residents in an area suspected of being infected with Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in such a way as to prevent the possible spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID- 19). In implementing PSBB, Regional Governments in certain regions must obtain prior approval from the minister who carries out government affairs in the health sector and the PSBB must be based on epidemiological considerations, threat magnitude, effectiveness, resource support, operational technical, political, economic, social considerations, culture, defense, and security.


PSBB implementation can only be carried out if a certain region meets the criteria, namely the number of cases and/or the number of deaths from disease increase and spread significantly and quickly to several regions and there are epidemiological links with similar events in other regions or countries. The implementation of the PSBB at least includes school and workplace entertainment, limitations on religious activities and/or limitations on activities in public places or facilities, but these limitations must still pay attention to educational needs, work productivity, population worship, and fulfillment of basic needs of the population.


The Regional Government as the government who implementing PSBB in a certain area after obtaining the approval of the minister conducting government affairs in the field of health must carry out the PSBB by observing the provisions as regulated in Law Number 6 of 2018 on Health Quarantine, where PSBB is held in coordination with and in collaboration with various related parties in accordance with statutory provisions. So that the implementation of PSBB can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

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