Listing in Indonesian Stock Exchange
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Listing in Indonesian Stock Exchange

Listed Company is a company that has carried out public offering and has been listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Generally, Listed Company is more known as Issuer.

There are 3 (three) kinds of listing board in Indonesian Stock Exchange, which are:

  1. Main Board

Listing board provided to record shares from companies that are big and has sufficiently long operational experience.

  1. Development Board

Listing board provided to record shares from middle companies which is expected to grow.

  1. Acceleration Board

Listing board provided to record shares from Issuer with Small Scale Asset or Issuer with Middle Scale Asse as referred in Regulation of Financial Service Authority regarding Registration Statement Pursuant to Public Offering and Capital Increase by Providing Right Issue by Issuer with Small Scale Asset or ssuer with Middle Scale Asset and has not be able to fulfill the requirement in Development Board.


In carrying out public offering on each aforementioned Listing Board, the Issuer shall need help from Capital Market Supporting Institutions and Capital Market Supporting Professionals.

  1. Capital Market Suporting Institutions are supporting institutions that participate in supporting the operational of Capital Market and has duty and function to provide services to employees and the general public.

Capital Market Supporting Institutions consist of Custodian Banks, Securities Administration Agencies, Trustees, and Securities Ratings.

  1. Capital Market Supporting Professionals are profesionals party registered in the Financial Service Authority (“OJK”), that carries out its business activity in Capital Market Industry by complying with the applicable code of ethics and professional standards and is obliged to  provide an independent opinion or appraissal.

Capital Market Supporting Proffessional consist of Accountant, Legal Consultant, Appraisal, Notary, and/or other profession stipuated by Government Regulation.

Mr. Suria Nataadmadja, S.H., L.M as the Managing Partner in Suria Nataadmadja & Associates is Capital Market Supporting Legal Consultant registered in OJK.

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