Electronic Land Certificate
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Electronic Land Certificate

Right on 12 January 2021, Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency  issued the Regulation of the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency regarding Electronic Certificate (“MR ATR 1/2021”). MR ATR 1/2021 bring a big changes in the land sector in Indonesia which before was very conventional, to become completely electronic.

After the issuance of MR ATR 1/2021, the land registration activity will be carried out through electronic system, either for the first time land registration or for maintenance of land registration data. The results of electronic land registrations, in the form of data, electronic information and/or electronic document will be stored in an Electronic System Database. The results of the implementation of this Electronic System will be in the form of Electronic Documents issued through an electronic system and/or documents that are converted into electronic documents. This electronic document and/or its printout will serve as valid legal evidence in the event it is required for court proceedings.

Furthermore, apart from being in electronic form, what is the difference between an electronic certificate (“El-Certificate”) from the previous land certificate? El-Certificates use hash-codes and QR codes and only use one type of numbering, namely the Plot Identification Number (NIB). With the existence of an El-Certificate, people does not need to worry to lose their land certificate because the land certificate is stored electronically and can be accessed, downloaded and printed independently.

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