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Suria Nataadmadja & Associates Law Firm: Receives Prestigious Awards from

Suria Nataadmadja & Associates, a law firm established in 1982, has become one of the most respected and trusted law firms in Indonesia. Known for its professionalism, integrity, and commitment to excellence, the firm has played a significant role in numerous major legal cases and has supported clients across various sectors.

Suria Nataadmadja & Associates has been recognized for its excellence and dedication in the legal field through various prestigious awards from These awards reflect the firm’s commitment to providing the best legal services and building a solid reputation in Indonesia's legal industry, which includes:

  1. Top 100 Indonesian Law Firm 2024, where Suria Nataadmadja & Associates achieved ranking 88th. This is an extraordinary achievement that demonstrates the firm’s strong position among the top 100 law firms in Indonesia.
  2. Midsize Full Service Law Firms 2024, ranking 19th. This award acknowledges the firm’s ability to provide comprehensive and high-quality legal services while maintaining an optimal size and scale of operations.
  3. Practice Area: Elite One in the fields of Arbitration, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution, as well as Corporate, Merger, and Acquisition. This award recognizes the firm’s excellence in handling arbitration, litigation, and dispute resolution cases, as well as providing legal advice related to corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Suria Nataadmadja & Associates will continue its commitment to delivering the best legal services with a focus on client needs and dynamic legal developments. With a team of experienced and dedicated legal professionals, the firm is ready to face future legal challenges and remain a trusted partner for its clients.

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