Single Shareholder
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Single Shareholder

Shareholders are decision makers in a company, in general, the percentage of share ownership will be the basis for decision-making power for each shareholder. In the Law Number 40 of 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company, it is stipulated that a company is established by two or more people and the number of shareholders is prohibited from being less than two people. However, will there always be more than one shareholder in a company?

There are several provisions governing a single shareholder, including the following:

  1. Company which are wholly owned by the State. In other words, all shares in the limited liability company are owned solely by the state;
  2. Regional and Village Owned Enterprises;
  3. Company that manage stock exchanges, clearing and guarantee institutions, depository and settlement institutions, and other institutions as regulated in the law concerning the Capital Market;
  4. Company that meet the criteria for Small and Micro Enterprises.

If the company meets the criteria as referred above, then the obligation to have more than one shareholder shall no longer be mandatory.


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