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Lokal Inspection

In a trial prosedur, it is often found that there is a "Local Inspection". What is meant by a local inspection? Here is our explanation of the local inspection.

In HIR, local inspection provisions are regulated in Article 154 HIR, the meaning of "local inspection" is an examination carried out at the place where the case occurs and carried out by one or two members of the panel of judges and accompanied by a clerk.

A local inspection can be carried out based on a judge's order or order to know with certainty the object on which the lawsuit is filed, in addition to avoiding difficulties in executing court decisions.

Apart from being based on a judge's order, local inspection can also be carried out at the request of the parties in a case. If in a case one of the parties denies the facts given by other parties, then a local inspection becomes necessary to find out the fact.

Based on the explanation above, we can know that the purpose of a local inspection is needed in an examination to be able to find out the fact, and a request for such an inspection can be submitted by the Panel of Judges who examine and/or the request of the parties in case.

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